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Anuncios de particulares que ofrecen y buscan intercambios de estudiantes y viajeros en familias de acogida en Canarias.

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Nombre: Álvaro.

Host families Canary IslandsHello I’m a 17 year old and I’m in my last year of high school. I live with my 14 year old brother, my mother and his husband.

I love to practice all kinds of sports. I would like to practice my English and find a person approximately with my age who is also interested in learning Spanish.

I live in a residential area of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. In my city there are many fun activities which I will be happy to show you.

For example beaches, I invite you to look for Playa de Las Canteras, Playa de Maspalomas, in Gran Canaria on Google.

Are you interested in knowing about my country and my family in the Canary Islands? Equally I´d like and I would be happy to know your family and your country.

If you have doubts or questions, don´t hesitate to write me.
I can send you a photo or answer your questions. A greeting. Alvaro

Edad: 17 años.
Fechas para intercambio: Desde Octubre 2017.
Países para intercambio: países de habla inglesa.
Lugar: Las Palmas de GC, Las Palmas, Spain.
Publicado: 03/10/2017.





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