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Marriage is one of the important decisions in one’s life. After the wedding, a marriage certificate is issued, which is the most crucial document of a marriage. An official document that proves that two persons have entered into a marriage ceremony is a marriage certificate. It is an important document that may be needed a lot of identification needs. For example, if you are opening a new bank account after marriage or applying for a visa or passport, you need to submit your marriage certificate.

At times, you are moving to another country that does not accept a marriage certificate written in Romanian. In such a situation, the translation of a marriage certificate becomes mandatory. It should be translated into a language that is the official language of the country (in which you are moving permanently, applying for a job, or going for study). You need to get your marriage certificate translated because you cannot do it on your own.

Want to learn when do you need a marriage certificate? Why you cannot translate a marriage certificate on your own? To get answers to all these questions, just take a moment and read this article till the end. Here, we have included some key facts about a marriage certificate translation, so go ahead!

When do you need a marriage certificate? | Key Facts

A marriage certificate translation is usually issued by a Government official in almost every country of the world. As it confirms the marriage of two persons, the document may be required for many reasons. It is usually written in the language of the country where the wedding took place. Although it is just a piece of paper, the document is very crucial and needed many times. For example:

  • When dealing with the issues of the authority of a child, a marriage certificate is needed.
  • A marriage certificate also comes in handy for changing a person’s surname after marriage.
  • This document is also used as a requirement at the time of filing for divorce (for example, for the division of marital properties)
  • If, after marriage, you are moving to another country or want to purchase a life insurance policy.

In short, a marriage certificate is one of the important legal documents with the help of which a lot of unknown legal problems can be solved!

Can you translate your own marriage certificate?

If you know the official language of a country in which you are moving or applying for something after marriage, you may think that you can translate your marriage certificate on your own. But you are wrong for a variety of reasons. First of all, most countries demand certified translations that include the name, address, date of translation, and the company’s signature that provides a certified translation. Most countries even do not accept documents translated on your own.

If you want to save costs by translating documents on your own, just keep in mind that many translation agencies provide translations at cost-effective rates. Supporting different languages, they can translate your Romanian marriage certificate into any language you want.

Why you should pick Kings of Translation?

Kings of Translation has been in the translation industry for (no. of years) years. It is a premier translation service in the United Kingdom, committed to translating all documents in over 120 languages. We believe that the certified translation must be the mirror of the original document. This is the reason that our professional translators translate every word of the document into the required target language. The following are a few of the benefits of choosing Kings of Translation as your go-to birmingham translation agency.

  • Certified translation
  • Industry expertise
  • Quality assurance
  • The professional touch
  • 120 different languages
  • Affordable prices

For more information about Romanian marriage certificate translation services at King’s, do not forget to call or email us. Trust us, by contacting Kings of Translation; you can get complete translations no matter how unique your requirements are!

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